Funny Baby Shower Invitations : Enjoy The Party

cute safari Baby Shower Invitations Having a baby is like dreams come true for all of the parents in the world, because parents life for having and see them grow up. To the coming of the baby, the parents celebrate it with having a baby shower. Making a funny baby shower invitations are not easy. You have been forgotten how to make people laugh. It doesn’t matter what is your baby’s gender, your baby shower invitation have to be funny. So here we are, help you to solve this problem.

In this era of high technology, maybe you don’t need some papers to make a funny baby shower invitations. You can just call or text them to come to your party. But its all coming back to you, if you want to make your guests feel special, maybe you can continue this article until the end.

Insert This

One of the ideas that you can use for your baby shower invitations are insert the map which mention where is your baby shower held. Don’t tell them the address or the place, just give them a map. They have to following all the clues in that map to arrived at your baby shower. Maybe you can tie that map with a little red ribbon, and the map have a funny background, like Dora The Explorer.

5 Funny & Unique Baby Shower Invitations

The Circus. This funny baby shower invitations will be fun, because the circus is never end. Circus have so many stories and cheerful to share with other people. With this invitation card, you had tell everyone that your party will rocks.

Ready to Pop. Those word is funny, because ‘pop’ means like the mom-to-be is a corn and ready to blow up, like a popcorn. This funny baby shower invitation is out of the box.

Be Honest. Having a baby is really not an easy job. Even they have they cuteness and the adorable things. But, just be honest, they are a trouble. The real trouble for your family. This funny baby shower invitations maybe will give your guests a little smile with a chuckle.

Funny Baby Shower Invitations

Gallery of Funny Baby Shower Invitations : Enjoy The Party

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